Research and artistic development

We aim to create vibrant, integrated research, development and education environments, in which colleagues and students come together to challenge and develop knowledge within the Institute’s disciplines, in collaboration with trend-setting, external operators.

The pivotal elements are: on one hand, workshops, which, like laboratories, are a setting for experimentation with materials, technologies and concepts; on the other hand, seminars, which, as a context for the development of discursive communities, bring together colleagues and developers from the business community and other research institutions, with a view to developing research, which can be translated more directly to articles etc.: partly the field laboratory, in which the Institute’s environments conduct research and development activities in the professional context, where development takes place (usually co-design) and partly the exhibition, which should not only be regarded as a medium for the dissemination of research and artistic development, but equally as a context for development aimed at reception, interpretation and other cultural treatment of the artefact’s and discourses’ encounter with the world.

Currently the Institute’s five educational and developmental environments consist of:

  • Industrial Design
  • Ceramic Design: SuperFormLab
  • Crafts: Glass and Ceramics on Bornholm