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Short about Product Design

The Institute of Product Design provides the framework for a series of very different professional design environments, which possess a certain affinity in the area of product design: industrial design, clothing design, ceramic design, co-design and crafts (glass and ceramics).

In the Institute of Product Design we have a very comprehensive approach to design. Design should touch the heart and encourage people to touch and act: as a person, a user and a citizen. We believe that design is about inviting people into a discussion about what the future should look like, and about how to deal with major societal issues such as the problem of waste and resources and future welfare, transport etc. We teach the students to become good designers with a sense of function, experience, ethics and sustainability, and we teach them to conduct design processes together with professionals and ordinary people. Design should be seductive and invite us to live a better and more meaningful life. But design should also pose questions, help us to understand the world and help to create a better society. 

Institute of Product Design

Institute of Product Design

Design is to create new solutions for public transport. New possibilities for the hospital service. For the environment. And deal with everything from the storage of vegetables and sliced meats to huge containers. Design is to create a better encounter between the individual citizen and the public sector. Give consumers better service and encourage them to try new things.

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